Professional Fitness & Self-Defense Training

Sensei Reeves and the Over the Edge team is available to provide both private and seminar-style instruction in a wide variety of areas, including classical martial arts, street-expedient self defense, general fitness, combat conditioning, and your location or ours! This is a unique opportunity for you or your group to learn from one of the very best. In addition to his status as one of the world's greatest breakers, Sensei Reeves has an impressive resume as a professional bodyguard to corporate executives and high-profile entertainers, personal trainer and instructor to celebrities and professional athletes, and unarmed combat instructor to both local and federal law enforcement agencies.

If you would like to learn more about what it would take to bring Sensei Reeves to your site for a thorough course on self-defense instruction, combat conditioning, or any related disciplines, or if you plan to be in the Orlando area and would like to have Mike and his team provide training at our facility, please contact us by clicking right here:

"Board Breaking Experience" Seminars

If you represent a business, school, or other organization that utilizes motivational speakers and seminar instructors as a team-building tool to help shore up the positive energy of employees, students, or members, why not look to the dynamic Mike Reeves as a “top shelf” mechanism by which to assist you in your efforts? As a ten-time ISKA World Karate Champion and three-time Guinness World Record holder, Mike is a motivational speaker who clearly “walks it” like he “talks it.” Why waste your time and money retaining motivational speakers and seminar instructors whose qualifications do not resonate with the same degree of credibility as those which characterize Sensei Mike Reeves? Television viewers the world over have seen Sensei Reeves exhibit his amazing athletic achievements time and again, and his successful personal training, mentorship, and mental “coaching” skills have been applied on behalf of countless numbers of devotees over the years, including Major League Baseball All Star shortstop Felipe Lopez and former Carolina Panthers running back Marquette Smith.

The Mike Reeves Breaking Through seminar is a high-impact, multi-sensory experience that combines practical, heartfelt, and sound oration with spectacular feats of martial arts breaking and demonstrations of tremendous physical strength. In addition, each seminar is a highly interactive event, calling on attendees to share in Mike’s infectious energy by performing their own breakthrough feats of physical strength. Mike’s principles for personal success serve as the core of the Breaking Through seminar, and can be adapted, as necessary, to meet the needs of the target audience.

For more information on how you can hire Mike Reeves to help galvanize your people toward greater levels of achievement, contact us by clicking right here:

Entertainment & Theatrical Shows

If you are in the market for a piece of entertainment that will leave your audience spellbound, consider something that demonstrates amazing displays of human speed, power, and finesse, combined together to produce a visual experience like no other. Mike Reeves can design and produce for you an exhibition that utilizes some of the most renowned names in martial arts and strength entertainment.

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