Sensei Mike Reeves, 7th Dan (Isshinryu)
President & Chief Instructor
Over the Edge Training, Inc.

When it comes to leading by example in the realms of martial arts breaking and personal fitness for unarmed combat, few can compare to Sensei Mike Reeves of Orlando, Florida. Counting up the number of records and titles he has accumulated in his thirty-five years of martial arts experience can be a dizzying task, but among the more notable entries are ten ISKA world titles, as well as three Guinness-certified world records in breaking.

Mike Reeves' journey into martial arts began well over three decades ago when he entered the Lebanon, Pennsylvania dojo of Sensei John Devine, an eighth-degree black belt in the Isshinryu style. Since then, Sensei Reeves has been on a single-minded journey toward excellence throughout his career in the martial arts.

Beyond all of Sensei Reeves' sensational achievements as a classical martial artist and breaking specialist, he is well acquainted with what it takes to emerge successful in down-and-dirty, hand-to-hand combat. Sensei Reeves' resume as a “hands-on” self-defense practitioner contains a wide variety of entries, including that of a corrections officer, nightclub security specialist, and professional bodyguard to corporate and celebrity clients, including Garth Brooks, Lee Greenwood, and Kathy Mattea. Additionally, Sensei Reeves has a long history of training key members of both local and federal law enforcement agencies, to include members of SWAT teams and other special operations units, in effective and highly-regarded unarmed combat techniques.

As anyone familiar with Sensei Reeves knows, Mike is every bit “about” physical conditioning as he is “about” martial arts. He remains a finely-tuned specimen, and is training only harder and faster as time moves forward. On that note, Sensei Reeves, in addition to his wide and varied responsibilities as a martial artist and martial arts personality, is an accomplished personal trainer who can count among his large stable of clients such high-profile professional athletes and celebrities as former Carolina Panthers running back Marquette Smith, Major League Baseball All Star shortstop Felipe Lopez, and rock legend Pat Travers.

For Mike, nothing succeeds like preparation. As he puts it, “Whether you are seeking to win a karate championship, earn a world breaking record, become an actor, or want to be capable of winning a conflict on the street, preparation is the key to realizing success. When it comes to completing truly arduous goals, there is no shortcut – you have to put in a tremendous amount of time, effort, and overall dedication.” In that spirit, Mike has never failed to avail himself of the best teachers and training partners in the martial arts. In addition to his own valued Sensei, John Devine, Mike has trained with numerous martial arts legends, including Joe Lewis, Mike Stone, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, and Don “the Dragon” Wilson, and has traveled to Okinawa to train with Grand Master Angi Uezue, the world's leading authority in the Isshinryu style. As Mike puts it, “Despite whatever level of proficiency I may have achieved thus far in the martial arts, I remain cognizant that there is still much to learn, and because of that, I will always embrace opportunities to train with other highly-skilled practitioners.”

The newest frontier that has opened up for Sensei Reeves appears to be that of show business. Increasingly sought out for a variety of television appearances and film roles, Mike has already enjoyed the privilege of being featured on both the small and large screens with several household names, including the late Pat Morita, Oscar-nominated star of the famed Karate Kid series of films. It is anticipated that Mike's star will continue to rise as his combination of tough-guy looks and amazing physical abilities continues to catch the eyes of casting professionals throughout Hollywood.

As far as the future is concerned, Mike remains a big believer in the “ticking clock” notion that we're all here for a relatively short while, so make the most of every minute. “Some people are kind enough to suggest that I've accomplished quite a bit in my life so far, and I'm grateful for that,” he says. “However, in my own mind, I have not accomplished near what I want to before this run here on earth comes to an end. There are more worlds to try to conquer, and I also want to see how much further I can take things in the worlds I've been engaging already.”

Bob Yetman
I.S.S.A. Certified Fitness Trainer
I.S.S.A. Certified Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning
Vice President & Instructor
Over the Edge Training, Inc.

Bob Yetman of Orlando, Florida brings a tremendous amount of versatility, training, personal experience, and attitude to his role as a fitness trainer and instructor on behalf of Over the Edge Training, Inc. It was during his military service that Bob first became a strong believer in the usefulness of apparatus-free resistance training. While the military's reliance on such training for individual combat readiness is legend, he noticed that the same exercises could be incorporated from a bodybuilding perspective, and that individuals could therefore effect the same kinds of desired changes to their physiques that others felt were only possible through apparatus training. Says Bob, “At a core level, resistance is resistance; it is about exhausting the muscle tissue in such a way that when it grows back, it does so stronger. The muscle does not know, nor care, that you've exhausted it with a free weight, a machine, or by doing simple pushups. There can be exceptions to this, but the point is that most people seeking to get themselves in better shape will find that that apparatus-free training can often be a terrific fit to their lifestyles and budgets.”

The mind-body connection, as a component of the pursuit of physical fitness and athletic achievement, is of particular interest to Bob. He has spent many years investigating and developing psychological strategies to aid athletes, fighters, and martial artists in their endeavors, mechanisms designed to do everything from help with forging high levels of motivation to persevering in the face of great physical discomfort and pain. “The study of human behavior, in and of itself, is fascinating, but I think even more interesting is the subject of mental toughness as it pertains to soldiers, athletes and others who must force their physical bodies to unimaginable levels in order to survive, emerge victorious, or achieve whatever compelling goal sits in front of them at that moment.” Bob's interest in the subject led him to Stetson University following his discharge from the service, where he picked up a B.A. degree in Psychology. He has used that degree as a platform from which to further his examinations of sports, fitness, and combat psychology.

Bob is also an accomplished writer who has written books on a wide variety of subjects, from physical fitness and self defense to business and finance. With Sensei Reeves, he is the co-author of Power Breaking (Paladin Press), a book on martial arts breaking that covers everything from hand conditioning to the practical applications of breaking, as well as of Ultimate Combat Conditioning for the Street Warrior (Paladin Press), a book that deals with high-intensity physical training for self-defense. In addition to these written manuals, Bob and Mike have produced a video companion to the Power Breaking book, as well as a video follow-up to Ultimate Combat Conditioning . Several other projects with Sensei Reeves are currently in the works, including books and videos on such subjects as multiple attacker defenses, combat fitness for the 40-plus demographic, and success strategies for everyday life.